Infra Red and Full Spectrum Camera Conversions

Converted Cameras and Bespoke Camera Conversions

Due to the VAT turnover threshold I have to slow down sales for a short period as I do not want to have to add 20% VAT to my prices. I have temporarily marked many of the more expensive cameras as "Coming Soon". These are mostly available now, but please enquire for availability, lower priced items are still available.

Products For Sale

The used Converted Cameras are graded using the following Condition Scale;

Mint = Almost Indestinguishable From New

Excellent = Slight Signs of normal use

Very Good = Signs of Significant use

+/- added to the above grading shows slightly better or worse condition 


If an item is (Sold Out) or (Coming Soon), please email me to reserve future stock.


All transactions are carried out via a PayPal Secure Checkout.